Client-focused Investment Banking to the
Media and Information Industries

Broadwater & Associates provides a full array of M&A and corporate financial advisory services.  Based on the decades of media investment banking experience of its principals, B&A provides expert advice on transaction structuring, strategic positioning, deal strategy and tactics, due diligence and end-to-end process management.   Because we are a highly specialized firm serving a single industry, we can offer our clients the M&A transaction expertise, industry knowledge, senior-level relationships and market intelligence necessary to a successful transaction in today's competitive marketplace.


Selling a company, or a part of one, is one of the most critical decisions a business owner or executive can make.  It is essential that the decision be based on a sound understanding of the state of the transaction marketplace, the universe of potential buyers, current valuation trends, availability of financing  and potential transaction structures.

Broadwater & Associates provides informed, objective advice to its clients on each of these issues.  At the beginning of a sale process -- or even before the decision to sell has been made -- we advise on valuation, transaction structure, likely buyers and their characteristics and key transaction issues.  

We take a custom approach to every sale assignment -- indeed, to every transaction that we undertake.  Many times, a broad auction process is appropriate and yields optimal value by fostering competition among buyers.  But in many cases, a more focused sale process targeting only the most qualified and strategically-motivated buyers can yield premium value with far less disruption to company operations.  

We have no set approach or process, only a commitment to provide the best outcome for the client


Because Broadwater & Associates is focused exclusively on the media and information industries, we have a wealth of industry intelligence and relationships to assist buyers in identifying acquisition opportunities and completing transactions on favorable terms.  We advise buyers on valuation, assist in due diligence and transaction structuring, formulate bidding strategy and tactics in auction sales and assist in negotiation of transaction documentation.

We also maintain close relationships with a broad variety of institutional financial sources and can assist buyers in securing debt and equity capital to finance acquisitions.

The acquisition of a business is a major commitment with long term ramifications.  It is critical that the transaction be priced, structured and executed properly.  Because of our principals' many years of M&A experience in all market environments, we know that in many occasions, the required price, terms or conditions mean that the best deal may be no deal.  And in such cases, we do not hesitate to advise our client to seek more favorable opportunities elsewhere.

Joint Ventures, Strategic Partnerships, Minority Investments

Oftentimes, a business can  benefit from an combination with another company but for various reasons an outright acquisition or divestiture is not feasible.  In such cases a strategic partnership, if carefully designed and executed,   can provide both operational and financial efficacy.  Examples are the entry into new markets, the marrying of production with distribution or content with technology, and the desire to reap the benefits of scale while not relinquishing control.

These transactions, though often simple to conceptualize, are usually extremely difficult to execute.  They require an understanding of business operations and served market dynamics that is often well beyond the capabilities of a generalist investment bank.  The principals of Broadwater & Associates, because of their dedicated industry concentration and focus on the "business of the business," have successfully conceived and executed a number of strategic partnerships and investments and understand both the opportunities and pitfalls of this type of transaction.

Corporate Finance

In our corporate finance practice, we assist established companies in structuring financial solutions and securing debt, equity and mezzanne capital from institutional sources.  Typically, this is in the context of an acquisition, recapitalization or shareholder buyout. We do not underwrite, sell or trade securities, nor do we handle private placements of securities to retail investors.


What's my company worth?

To a business owner or executive, that issue is always close to the surface.  But in many instances, the determination of value can be critical.  Buyouts of minority shareholders, litigation, tax disputes, incentive compensation plans and other matters often require a formal determination of value by a third party.  And that determination of value often must withstand the scrutiny of a courtroom.

Broadwater & Associates professionals have provided professional, thorough valuations to media companies for over 25 years.  Not one has ever been overturned or disputed.



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