Educational, academic and professional publishing transactions
handled by Broadwater & Associates professionals

Acquisition of Transaction Publishers, Inc., a leading upper-level publisher in humanities and social sciences, Taylor & Francis Group LLC


Acquisition of Speechmark Publishing Limited, a subsidiary of Electric Word PLC, by Informa UK Limited operating as Taylor & Francis Group



Acquisition of Holcomb Hathaway, Inc., a publisher of sports management, exercise science, and literacy education, by Taylor & Francis Group LLC



Acquisition of Bibliomotion, Inc., a publisher of business, management, leadership and parenting titles, by Taylor & Francis Group LLC



Acquisition of the assets of Baywood Publishing Company, a publisher of social sciences books and materials in bereavement, gerontology, health services and environment, by Taylor & Francis Group LLC



Acquisition of the assets of Fred Pyrczak, Publisher., a publisher of upper level statistics, research methods and scholarly communications, by Taylor & Francis Group LLC



Acquisition of Left Coast Press, Inc. a publisher of academic and professional materials in humanities and social sciences, by Taylor & Francis Group LLC

Left Coast Press


Sale of Eye On Education, Inc., a leading publisher of K-12 professional development books and materials, to Taylor & Francis Gropu LLC


Sale of Gareth Stevens Publishing, a subsidiary of The Reader's Digest Association, to Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP, an affiliate of Rosen Publishing Group

Gareth Stevens tombstone

Sale of Productivity Press, a unit of The Kraus Organization Ltd., to Taylor & Francis Group LLC

Productivity tomb


Sale of Saxon Publishers to Harcourt, Inc.

Sale of Transcender, LLC by Information Holdings, Inc. to Kaplan, Inc., a unit of The Washington Post Co.

Sale of the legal publishing assets of Garland Publishing, Inc.

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